Lymphatics & Breast Massage by The Light Collective

Breast massage therapy - lymphatic connection

Let’s talk about breasts! When we talk about lymphatic flow we often think about how we can flush the lymph nodes through dry brushing, keeping our fluids up and our bodies moving. But did you know you can stimulate your lymphatic system through breast massage?

When we access the breasts we also connect to the lymphatic system and our immunity. The lymphatic system removes toxins from body and plays one of the biggest roles in our immune system. The lymph nodes around the breast and the yoni are close to the surface and unlike in other areas of the body, they don’t have muscles or fascia to pump the lymph fluid around the body. This means your breast are MADE to be massaged!

When we activate the breasts through gentle, loving massage, we are freeing the flow of energy and allowing for toxins to be moved through the lymph and our immune system to flourish!

Tantric Breast Massage - the history of the practice

The sacred practice of cultivating feminine energy through breast massage can be found throughout the Tantric Shakti streams of yoga- in particular in the Ancient Chinese practices of The White Tigress. This lineage of the Western Royal Mother are part of the Taoist stream of Tantra. The focus of their teachings centres on using the practices to maintain youthfulness and health, as well as the pre-eminence of the feminine power. Of the many techniques taught in this sacred and secret ancient tradition, breast massage plays an important role in cultivating feminine energy and youthful radiance in women.

Breast Massage Benefits

When we connect to our breasts we open ourselves up to our own healing potential and a deep connection to the feminine. Some of the many benefits include: -

1.It helps us form a deep and loving connection to our breasts. Allowing us to appreciate and accept our breasts and bodies exactly the way they are.

2.Bringing energy, attention and touch to this space sensitises them, makes them active. Your breasts feel more alive and vibrant when you connect to them in this way.

3.Keeps women healthy - when we massage our breasts, we stimulate the lymphatic system which helps to boost your own natural immunity and eliminate toxins stored in our bodies which with otherwise remain stagnant.

4.It firms the breast tissue and awakens the nipples. Hello perky breasts!

5.It brings with it deeply nourishing and nurturing energy, one that we sometimes look for outside of ourselves, but that activates from within us. This energy which we are able to unlock by connecting to our breasts in a loving way is deeply healing and brings a vitality into our daily life.

6.It activates our own divine feminine energy into our bodies and lives! When the force of feminine is awakened within you, it radiates from within and expands pleasure in all areas of your life.


Breast Massage technique

Want to start connecting to your breasts and clearing the lymphatic system? Here is a super simple example of how you can bring breast massage in to your practice.

  1. Set up a sacred space.

Find somewhere private where you won’t be disturbed. Light some candles or incense, maybe have some crystals or flowers in your space - whatever feels sacred to you.

2. Get brushing.

For a deep lymphatic flush, you might like to start your practice by first dry-brushing your entire body as you usually would, paying a little extra attention to your breasts.

3. Close your eyes and bring your awareness to your breasts.

As you meditate on this space, create an intention. What do you want from them? How do you want to feel about them? What do you want for your health? Get clear on this intention before you begin your massage.

4. Oil up.

You might like to use some oil to massage over your breasts. We suggest using an organic coconut oil or any other natural oil that feels luxurious.

5. Technique:

  • rub the palms together at heart centre and create some heat
  • Inhale your arms up and overhead in prayer
  • As you exhale and breathe, run one hand loving down the opposite arm, down through the underarm and around your breast
  • Continue to run the hand back up the same arm before swapping to the other side
  • Spend as much time here as you like, be intuitive with what feels good in your body, breathe fully and deeply and ENJOY this time for yourself.

6. Take some time to send love and gratitude to your breasts.

When you are finished thank them for all that they do for you and FEEL the feminine energy flowing within you.


This article was created by the team at The Light Collective, female run Online Yoga & Embodiment School. They specialise in creating sacred experiences for women to reconnect with themselves and their deep feminine essence. Their course ‘The Sacred Woman’ is a comprehensive introductory course into Tantric practice for women, exploring breast massage and specific breathwork to connect you deeply to your body, your feminine energy and to the sacred within you.